Thursday, 18 February 2021

Broad-Chest v/s Narrow mind, Courage v/s Cowardice


A case of chappan inchi seena v/s dimagiya khokhlapan 

The current use of words and oratory in parliament and outside by the opposition members speaks more of their immaturity, lack of sensitivity and respect to the chair and thoroughly exposes their negative mindset bereft of any factual data and genuine concern but stinks of a personal attack on the current Prime-minister using his own phrase of having a chappan inchi-seena to ridicule him of pettiness, arrogance, cowardice and bigotry, reflecting sadly more on their own mindlessness.

If I am not wrong Mr. Narendra Modi had used the 56-inch chest comment at a 2014 election rally in Uttar Pradesh elections where he dared the then chief of the ruling Samajwadi party Mr. Mulayam Singh, a wrestler as this term is used more within the wrestling community in jest that you need a 56-inch chest to convert a hugely populous state like U.P. into a developed state like Gujarat. In reality except Arnold Schwarzenegger no other politician has a 56 inches chest though most have that waistline due to their appetite for corruption and power by hook or by crook and stomach it, too.

In true sense, a broad chest means that you need a bigger vision/guts and heart to do great things and not chest thumping or bravado bordering on foolhardiness, as depicted by the opposition. Given the chronological events, election wins, progress made by Uttar Preash and India domestically as well as internationally on various fronts, their continuous dare to him on courage and cowardice is nothing but a reflection on their own follies and bankruptcy of ideas and alternatives.

Metaphorically, such a big chest can be only attributed to Lord Hanuman, the Sevak of Lord Ram who was so devoted to him that he bared it open to show that the divine king resides within his heart and soul and not in the most precious necklace which Sita gave it to him as a token of appreciation for his loyalty and services towards the master for his sharpness, firmness, dexterity, competence, modesty, prudence, virility, prowess and ever-present intelligence.

The current P.M. had declared himself as Pradhan Sevak of 130 crore people of India on the day he took the oath of the prime minister ship thus if a parallel is drawn with above metaphor, the opposition is targeting wrongly the person rather than the mistakes and follies in policies or the lack of pace and developments, if any and could be many. As he said himself content and intent need to be probed and the opposition is just failing on that front.

He is wisely investing the available resources for the upliftment of poor, skill development of youth, reforms for ease in doing business, progress of the nation, defending the borders, elimination of the terrorists and the anti-national elements thus leaving very little scope and ground for the opposition to counter him unless they get a mindful person at the helm of their affairs  who is truthful, honest, and selflessly devoted to the cause of the nation and have the courage to build a positive narration and an alternative vision.

Playing with words, promoting false narratives, creating divisions in the society, opposing even good reforms which are introduced in the interest of the people and targeting the person with lies and false propaganda will never work as the man concerned is courageous and relentless enough to have embarked on his mission to serve his country and the countrymen to the best of his abilities with good intention and a team of do-gooders.

We need more metaphorical 56-inch Chester’s and not mindless court jesters.


Satish Shitut

Jai Bharat

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Farmers protest - A regressive step to thwart reforms.


Middle-man syndrome, political conundrum and a Dilemma for the Govt.

The current impasse on the farmers protests due to an obdurate stand of the protesters, opportunistic jump of opposition in the burning fire and the Government’s willingness only to defer the implementation of the three new laws with valid amendments, if any but not repeal as demanded and sheer inability or willingness to remove the protestors from the sites due to political constraints and fear of a backlash is a clear democratic infringement by all.

A situation like this is always a readymade breeding ground for separatists, anarchists and vested interests who do not want a progressive and developed India, thus have jumped the bandwagon but the most worrying part is the joining hands of the middlemen of our society who feel threatened and are very much keen to maintain status quo in their self-interest at the cost of reforms and progress.

India has long suffered due to these middlemen over centuries due to the invaders and the foreign rule, we are continued to be ruled and exploited by them even after independence in some form or the other at the cost of common man and national growth. Whether the satraps of Mughal era or the zamindars and courtiers of British raj or the politicians, their cronies, crony capitalists, Lutyens or the vote bank consolidators of the post-independence era, the ecosystem was designed and used only to suit their objectives and hidden agendas.

Since 2014 and the arrival of Modi, this evil construct of the middlemen has been severely dented and is being dismantled gradually with various reforms to get the rule of law in the country to benefit common man to the last mile, thus this middleman community is threatened of their livelihood (mostly ill-gotten) and are at the core of this movement with the name of the poor kissan (blackmail) in the forefront to ensure a status quo of their own wellbeing.

It all started from day one of Modi taking over the charge in south block of New-Delhi where all the middlemen, wheelers dealers and powerbrokers were barred from entering the corridors of power and rendered jobless, followed by curtailing the junkets, favors and so-called influence of the Lutyens and the press in general and both these powerful middlemen (mostly corrupt) are up in arms against the current dispensation thus the antagonism and hatred.

Further the direct benefit schemes ensured 100% reach to the direct beneficiary rather than 15% only, digitalization, service charters, direct access to the govt hurt the middlemen who were making money as intermediaries at the cost of the end beneficiary and good governance. Election bonds hit the political parties hard while demonetization was the biggest blow to these middlemen as the shell companies and the black money got exposed and now on the wane though not completely eliminated.

Having got hurt badly and now on the backfoot, abolition of article 370 and 35a was a death nail on corrupt practices while the CAA and NRC was an extreme blow to their survival thus the severe protests based on presumptuous hardships. The current three farm laws are reforms meant to improve the ecosystem in the farmers interests but here again mostly the middlemen are going to lose (hold and black money) as they are the loan sharks, mandi managers, contract farmers, distillers, procurers, in literal sense traders and not farmers but earn tax free income(agriculturist).

We all need to have proper perspective and better understanding of the situation, need of the hour, hidden agendas, clear motives of govt, the interest of the common man, the nation at the heart and evolve a rational approach to thwart anarchists and help usher rule of law.

Satish Shitut

Jai Bharat

Saturday, 12 December 2020

Monarchy to Anarchy- Via democracy


Once upon a time there was a benevolent king who always had the state welfare in his mind and deeds, he firmly believed in wellbeing of all stakeholders in his kingdom and earnestly strived to fulfil the same thus was liked by majority, people were happy, and kingdom prospered.

Suddenly, one fine morning a tribal chieftain rebelled with his followers, stormed into the Kings palace with arms and ammunition to seek freedom from the King but was overpowered by the men of the King and brought in front of him for punishment. Being a conscious and a principled man, the King heard the grievances of the chieftain, realized that the region of these tribes was truly deprived of the progress due to administrative failure thus pardoned them all and took the chieftain on board for progress.

Thanks to the visionary King, the kingdom was prospering and the life of the people peaceful and enjoyable, four decades down the above incidence yet again a similar rebellion took place from the same region, the rebels captured, this time the King punished them all with a life imprisonment. The ombudsman in the kingdom was astonished and asked the King as to why he punished this chieftain while forty years back he had not only pardoned his father but even made him a regional satrap.

The King replied that forty years back the rebellion then was genuine, he could see the deprivation and hunger in  the rebels eyes thus it was he who had to make amends, take them into confidence, alleviate their problems to be inclusive thus he made amends to ensure the prosperity in that region but this time he could sense from the body language of the chieftain’s son greed for power and  filthy prosperity  for selfish gains and not the wellbeing of the people  thus had to be taught a lesson and punished.

Three decades back Mr. Mahendra singh Tikait had led a farmer’s agitation and succeeded in evolving a dialogue-based settlement to become a Mahatma for Kissans of India. History is now repeated with his son Rajesh Tikait trying to become one but the intent now it seems not a satyagraha (fight for truth) but svagraha (Selfish interests) deserving punishment. Of course, in democracy, he has right to protest but should not be at the cost of inconvenience, loss to property, wealth, lives and progress. The democratic king is helpless thus time for silent majority to stand up and teach them a lesson in their own dose.

The world moved from monarchy to democracy objectively to make the society participative and inclusive to give equal opportunities for all with constitutional guarantees in form of rights and their duties as principled guidelines. Sadly, the duties are forgotten, principles are hanging in the air, right has become might, democracy has become mobocracy, nepotism has replaced despotism, rich richer, poor poorer, north south divide wider, western materialism overpowers eastern values while disrespect, hate, violence, corruption has turned people against people.

The current deplorable political situation in USA, U.K., France and India all democratic societies can easily be attributed to vote-Bank politics over a period of time which has demeaned the voter’s intellect and exploited the gullible Janata. It is high time that the responsible citizenry which has remained silent majority to the ever-deteriorating situation rises to the occasion and raise the voices in a democratic fashion to bring all culprits to books and save ourselves from anarchy.

Initiate a dialogue to evolve a consensus towards developing a vote-bank free society which respects the law, their own as well as rights of other citizens along with full understanding of their own duties, value of their vote with an effective “Just “system to ensure fair play, equal opportunities and freedom to thrive and prosper.

Satish Shitut

Jai Bharat


Friday, 28 August 2020

Personality cult-a Congress creation and a warning to BJP


The current crisis in congress party, where they are not able to look beyond the Gandhi Parivar to revive the sinking fortunes of a 150-year-old party is the result of last 70 years of gradual surrender of their ideological and democratic character to become a personality driven party. Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru can be squarely blamed for fostering a personality cult around him which gave birth to a narrative penned and propagated by an army of court jesters who built a visionary persona for him and lived off it.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi ruthlessly capitalized on it, in fact during her time, “India is Indira” and “Indira is India”, was coined, sadly all the democratic process in the party were muzzled, opposition eliminated to the extent it became Congress(I) and the era of divide and rule, coterie & high command culture took its root, which is the only game Sonia Gandhi learnt to survive and remain leader for last two decades.

The result is very obvious, today they do not have a single leader to take over the mantle of congress, their two generations have just been subservient and loyalists, not to mention corruption mired rather than character-based party workers. They still root for the failed charisma and aura of Gandhi family to cling to their positions and usurp power rather see the daylight to transform and rebuild the party.

The irony is that none of the current three Gandhi’s have either a strong character or the so-called big following in the country. They are scripts without any content, glorified personalities without any ethical character, as a matter of fact the tried and failed heir apparent is already a laughingstock. Not to mention all three have cases of corruption, fraud and quid pro quo against them.

Congress and most of the Indian political parties thrived on this personality cult and over the years translated into a dynastic submission. Instead of building a party cadre on the works and ethics of Tilak, Gokhale, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, Dr. Rajendra prasad, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Narasimha Rao  they propagated the sacrifices and  contributions of only Nehru-Gandhi equation which resulted in sycophancy and subservience rather than ownership and responsibility for a cause.

As a quick fix, it suits any political party to create a personality cult around their leader to ensure a following to help them in their pursuit to remain in power with their loyalty. Most of the Indians also over centuries have been hero worshippers and always look for a Hero to fulfil their own aspirations and    relief from any sufferings. This weakness is fully exploited by all the political parties to remain in power rather than serve the nation earnestly.

The current dispensation in power BJP, came to power proclaiming itself as a party with a difference with a development plank for all. Their resounding victory in 2019 elections consolidated their position. Their approach of Nation first is laudable, cultivation of character-based party workers, creation of growth opportunities within the party to develop future leaders is the way forward.

BJP need to be on guard and check on the Modi-cult to ensure that they do not go the congress way. They benefit from the backing of RSS, which works solely on developing a character-based cadre who are committed and devoted to the nation building and then loans them to BJP. This is a continuous process desired for a sustainable growth of the any political party and the nation it serves. A good institution breeds leaders with character while a personality cult destroys the institution itself.

Party above “I” and Nation above party is the Mantra. One Parivar understands, the other does not.

Satish Shitut

Jai Bharat

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Exemplary M.S.D. (Captain Cool)


Mahendra Singh Dhoni who let the sun set on 14th August at 1929 hours, to retire from international cricket, shall definitely leave many cricketers and his avid followers disheartened but shall also leave a strong legacy behind for almost all the youngsters of India, to emulate and grow in their lives, regardless of any career or sport, they feel like pursuing, to be effective in their own lives.

A small town boy from Jharkhand, coming from a lower middle class family, dreams of playing cricket for India, leaves his paltry job of a ticket collector in the city, focuses on playing cricket, rises from a local cricket sixes player to a Captain of Indian cricket team and plays international cricket for 16 long years in all formats, where he dominates, endears, conquers and finally renounces with a run out.

His story is a perfect example of “Make your own dreams come true”. In his journey of the life so far, both on and off the field , he was never bogged down, by any situation or circumstance but ensured that he persevered coolly what he believed in, carried the responsibilities, on his shoulders nonchalantly, to succeed in any given situation, no wonder that he was revered to as a  Captain Cool”

His life story, exemplary exploits on the field, his behavior on and off the field, his contributions to the game and his teammates, his relationships with the administrators and the competitors alike, his love for his family, friends and his fans shall now become a folklore with a tag or “God of Cricket”.

He may have renounced from International cricket but will be serving our country in many ways, is rest assured. He is  already an honorary Lieutenant Colonel  in the Indian army for the services he does for love for his country and the servicemen, we will not be surprised when we shall see him devoting more time for our Defense Services  as a “True son of our country”.

There shall by many statistical details on his glorious cricketing career which you either know or shall read and remember but for any youngster in any part of the world, the key takeaways from him are-:

Everything happens twice, once in dreams and then in reality, so think big and persevere till the end. The process is continuous and lifelong on the lines of sow a thought, reap an action, sow an action reap a habit, sow a habit reap a character, sow a character and reap a destiny.

Be a child in your heart so that you are always curious to learn, fearless and courageous in your actions, laugh at any failure, be happy and move on, as each failure is always a step towards the success lurking just next door, each given situation is an opportunity to learn from and gain from the same thus be cool and be always determined.

Be aware of your abilities and have the self-belief to act with a strong resolve to work hard on various aspects of skills, knowledge, understanding and social behavior to become a self-respecting person first and then selfless to help people around you and build a team to lead them by example. This journey from self-respect to selflessness in the life is a hallmark of any successful person, in any field.

His fundamental principles in his life, which he applied in all aspects of his life starting with self, family, friends, game, fans, teammates, competitors, his country and the countrymen of Respect, Understanding and Love shall always stand him good as “What goes around always comes back”

His rise from a small-town boy to a poster boy to a “God of Cricket” is a perfect example for others to follow these principles of natural laws and “evolve” in their lives, too.

Satish Shitut

Jai Bharat


Wednesday, 5 August 2020

P.M. a True Pradhan-Sevak (Chief Servant)

The Bhoomi-Pooja (worshipping of five elements of nature and a ritual devoted to earth) before beginning the Shree Ram temple construction, to remove the negativities and impurities at the hands of P.M. Modi, is not a coincidence but looks like an act of god, because Mr. Modi had declared himself in 2014 itself that he is a Pradhan Sevak and not a Pradhan Mantri.

The legend goes that When Lord Shree Ram immersed himself in Sharayu river in Ayodhya to return to his abode, Lord Hanuman his (Bhakt) chief servant also wanted to go with him but Lord Shree Ram told him that he will have to remain on earth till the kalyug(era of downfall of spiritualism) and perform his duties to fight for truth against evil and wrongdoings.

Ramayan the epic is a gripping story of victory of good over evil, love, compassion, relationships and social behavior of all stakeholders, the conversations at crucial junctures of decision making are value based, philosophical and keeping in tune with Dharma( natural laws of right behavior and social order).The temple symbolically represents and reminds us of those virtues & our great civilization.

Lord Shree Ram “The Maryada Purushottam”(a perfect man-symbol of many virtues) who always stood for Dharma and truth, established his kingdom, “Ram Rajya”, a society based on Righteous principles of morality, justice and equality as an ideal form of good governance in the interest and wellbeing of his Praia(people) the central character.

 In fact Mahatma Gandhi’s dream at the time of the independence was also to have “Ram Rajya” in India, even our constitution is framed based on those ideals, but the ideals were lost during the course  of misrule and time has come for the people of this country to unite and fight, and once again free our country from the clutches of corruption, illiteracy, poverty, injustice, and other evils—the anti-people creations of our own fellow countrymen.

Service is simply an action of doing something to help someone, In Christianity it is an act of doing work for showing GOD's love to others with a willing heart, In Islam it means giving preference to others over yourself and considering their happiness and welfare before your own, In Sikhism, apart from other services(Karseva)as we all know, it means serving the wisdom (Gyan) ,i.e. to cultivate the service as a state of mind and then act unconditionally.

Seva in Sanskrit means a selfless service which is an outcome of seva-Bhav i.e. an inner feeling (Bhav) born out of love and the act borne out of this feeling is Seva, it is considered the most important part of spiritual practice to serve others with no expectation of outcome. Mr. Modi being honest with no materialistic attachments has been serving selflessly & relentlessly since 2014, working 16 hours a day, 365 days to serve the nation and all the people of India.

We may differ on his policies, politics and gaps in walk and talk but must give due credit to his Sevabhav and the ideals which do reflect in most of his policies to reach the last man in line(Antyodaya), unite all with  “sabka saath-sabka vikas-sabka vishwas”, remove corruption towards making a New India which is spiritual and the belief in oneness of the world at large (Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam)

Thus, a person who achieved wisdom through spiritualism and experience, who is selflessly serving the nation with total dedication(Tan-Man-Dhan), who believes in the Ideals of Lord Shree Ram and has vowed to usher in Ram Rajya(an ideal form of governance and society) deserves to be our Pradhan Sevak to perform this ritual and usher in the “Ram Rajya”. Guess, the right man for the right job at the right time for this temple (Symbol of all virtues and our rich heritage)

Satish Shitut

Jai Bharat


Saturday, 25 July 2020

Ego- Part of a whole and not a whole in itself

We are all born with an ego, in fact, it is our survival tool and is the platform to board and begin our journey in search of the truth. But for ego, which is the self-esteem and or self-importance, we may remain ignorant, passive and many possibilities may remain unexplored with our immense abilities.

We are all born dependents and gradually move towards Independent- Intradependent-Interdependent. In simple terms as we do not live in isolation but in a society , we have to first establish our identity and then embark on life journey from  I to we, We to us and finally towards the whole(ultimate truth). I is a means to achieve an end and not an end, while ego is just a shadow of that I, let it be that small part.

The problem arises when we start overindulging in this “I” rather than moving towards the whole as mentioned above, we end up moving from I to Me to Mine and Myself.  The self assumes such huge proportions that we become indifferent to impact of our actions on others. we become Possessive, greedy, righteous, self-centered and start appropriating everything as our entitlement to lose the plot.

If we want to be a “GOOD Human being”, we need to first invoke “I” to make it happen, use it for our growth to ultimately surrender and witness life, the way it should be. In the process we rise in our own self esteem through self-awareness and self-respect. If we overindulge here, “I” gives rise to the ego, makes it bigger and we become utter selfish and egoists instead of moving towards selflessness i.e. us.

In order to lead an effective and balanced life, we all strive for growth in following areas and need to be aware that ego can be a spoilsport thus consciously  using the ”I” rather than working for “I”, will help.
Physical growth: Of course we have to take care of our body to be fit and maintain it properly , look beautiful, stay healthy live long and it is a must but quite often we start admiring our own growth, start indulging in the acquired beauty, muscle strength, the fitness and flex it in front of others  which in turn creates problems for everybody and we get mired in our own self-centric behavior.

Mental growth: The continuous process which we all follow for our mental growth is to collect data-analyze- convert to information-acquire knowledge- apply- experience-validate- wisdom- ultimate truth. Most often we end up as I know all, I have done it, I know it, I am right before even experiencing it and the growth stumbles, whereas with each experience we need to go back to “ I do not know” & restart.

Financial growth: of course we cannot become self-dependent without acquiring skills and abilities to make money and support ourselves and later the families as well, it is a must but still only a part of our overall growth, to achieve the end and not an end in itself. The attachments of this material world and the inherent desire to accumulate is infinite because of me. Here you need to take a call and follow the path from I to We-Us-whole and surely dump me-mine and myself.

Spiritual growth: This is a clincher as it helps our “I” to slowly surrender to the whole, as this aspect is about reaching out and connecting with our inner soul. It is a continuous process to develop our inner feelings and powers to harmonize with life around & slowly dissolve the “I” with our responsible actions.

To avoid the pitfall of ego and lead a balanced and effective life, better to build a principled character based on the four natural principles of Respect, Understanding, Love and Evolve. Focus on them in each of the daily activity, practice, make it a habit to become a whole and not remain just “yet another I”.

Satish Shitut
Jai Bharat