Thursday, 8 August 2019

Devil is up against Dare the evil (article 370 by 370)

The recent modification to article 370  of the Indian constitution by the Presidential order has kept the clause one thus removing the temporary special status given to Jammu and Kashmir and bringing it at par with any other state/union territory of India, thus disrobing the extra judicial powers and entitlements of the state assembly and the provisions of 35A as the same stands revoked completely. Ironically 370 members voted in Lok Sabha to modify the article 370. Giving the benefit of doubt to the then government, possibly article 370 was a necessity to tide over a given crisis in that peculiar situation and as stated in the provision itself was temporary and it was incumbent upon the then govt to ensure that transition is done smoothly to ensure a union with India as per the constitution of India in toto.
Sadly for last 70 years, due to its misuse by the local govt, proxies by enemy country, malpractices, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats this article with 35a was flogged , separatist sentiments played with, used to blackmail to achieve the ends of vested interests at the cost of the local populace, money of the India Tax payers and alienating the locals with constant brainwashing, radicalising and deprivation of higher education and employment opportunities  which in turn resulted in the Jannat becoming a Jahannum, which in turn presume suited the few who were benefitting from the situation, were in power and did not realise the seed which was sown by them was now staring at them as it had become an outgrown DEVIL and they had no gumption as well as any will to deal with it effectively.
In a nutshell miscreants of  5 districts of the whole region of 22 plus districts were holding the state and the country to a ransom with ethnic cleansing of minorities, denying rights as per the constitution of India to all minorities, promoting terror, appropriating wealth, destroying the Sufi and tranquil culture of the region, cornering the wealth , employment opportunities and the trade in only a handful of connected people who were keen to foment trouble to keep their coffers filling and the worst was that the Devil had started spreading like a cancer to the other parts of the country and had to be tackled sooner than later. D evil had to be countered with Dare D evil with a strong Will and long term plan to bring the Jannat back from the jaws of Jahannum.
The current dispensation in India always was against Article 370 as well as 35A and with them getting absolute majority in the current elections, this was always on the cards and with the opposition in disarray they took the call earlier than otherwise. Their failed attempts at coalition govt in Kashmir to achieve the end objective of bringing peace and tranquillity, the current situation in Pakistan, disenchantment in Ladakh and last but not the least, the current goodwill which the current dispensation enjoys in the world forum must have prompted the Daredevil to take the course correction step at the earliest to ensure the achievement of his party objective and hopefully the total integration of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh with India.
Having taken the first step, the real troubles are ahead. Majority in the region by and large will be happy with the change as it should benefit them democratically, economically, socially and securely but the vested interests and enemies from outside and Jaichands within will try and destabilise the move thus it is the primary as well as moral responsibility of the current dispensation to ensure that fruits of the change reach the door step of the last man in mile in the region(Antyodaya) tackling the menace makers and if possible winning them rather than alienating further, easy said than done but when the locals who are sentimental,, currently inconvenienced and silent for short term will turn the other way if they do not see any visible change in their well being and return of normalcy at the earliest.
The Dare the evil has taken the Devil headlong, has the will “Modi hai to Mumkin Hai”, gaining Vishwas by deeds on ground is the “Mantra” and Zero tolerance to Terror is the “Astra”. Be human always.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Compare the political ideologies
My Idea of India          V/S                   My India 2.0
Me First                                                   Nation First
Caste ridden                                            Poverty alleviation driven
Secular (pseudo)                                     Spiritual
Divisive                                                   Inclusive
Dynastic                                                  Cadre driven
Appeasement                                          Sabka saath sab ka vikas
Selective Doles & sops driven               Antyodaya (upliftment of the weakest)
Liberal                                                     Progressive
Arithmetic of politics                             Political Chemistry
Rule the country                                     Serve the Country
Timid                                                       Fearless
Western imitation                                   Revival of rich heritage and culture
Hua to Hua                                             Mumkin hai
Promises and inaction                           Vision, mission and milestones
Ambivalent allegiance                          Proud to be an Indian
What is your opinion, choice?
The opposition must choose the best and offer a better narrative to take India beyond 2.0, as we need healthy competition to ensure that nation is served and not ruled to ensure continuous progress, harmony and well being of all the citizens, ensure that 2.0 works till then and if opposition does not improve and offer a better narrative, the mature janata janardan will make it 3.0, five years down the line.
Yours truly satish shitut

Friday, 24 May 2019

Modi 2.0, Positive & Inclusive Way forward towards a New India (2022)

Congratulations to the people of India for having reposed their faith in Mr. Narendra Modi and to give him another term to fulfill his vision in mission mode of a New- India. He, in his very first speech has publicly and responsibly committed himself to serve the nation with full, integrity, inclusivity and decisive resolve to alleviate poverty in the country and also to strive hard towards the evolution of India as a developed nation in due course of time.

Any illusions or doubts about his credibility should now be put to rest as time and again in last 20 years he has proved his critics wrong and relentlessly worked towards nation building process with a sense of urgency, focus and commitment. In true sense, he has dedicated his life and soul for the service of this nation, its citizens and of course to the party which has given him the opportunity.

All above may sound like a modibhakt but the report card of last five years and the mandate of the majority votary of this great nation is a testimony to the same, thus from now onwards we all must judge and then comment on the man objectively and not subjectively, solely on the measurement of fulfilling the given promise. Most parties give manifesto but he changed to Sankalp Patra.

Sankalp means an intention formed by the heart and the mind (a solemn vow) to focus and harness the will (manifesto) Thus it shall be better if the pundits and the political parties read the75 resolutions in the sankalp patra of the BJP issued during 2019 elections. While the Govt works on them, the same should be discussed and debated for their proper implementation and or failure, by us.

A lot of those promises have a review or fulfillment timeline of 2022, which is almost 3 years from now (the govt is chosen for five year term) thus guess the right time to review and then pass judgments. Given a timely and proper analysis apart from the ground assessment of realities shall be healthy for our nation, political parties and the voters, as this is called the RULE of Democracy. Respect the mandate, understand the Govt’s vision, check the relevant actions and see the evolving progress.

It will be in the larger interest of our nation, if we put a stop to debates on secularism, tolerance, appeasement, caste politics, nationalism and skeletons in the cupboards while move into 2.0 mode of consensus building on issues, discussions on progress of nation, good things happening around and reporting of any violations to the appropriate authorities for action and ensure that the same is taken to logical conclusions by concerned authorities and not by media trial courts.

The Govt, has a lot on its plate ,a tough act as miscreants, the disgruntled elements, some foreign powers as well as some overzealous supporters are going to create impediments and hurdles a lot to derail the progress. The police, political, judicial and economic arms of the govt with due reforms should be able to tackle the same effectively and constitutionally.

Nothing is impossible. Modi hai to mumkin hai  2.0 review in 2022. All the Best.

Yours truly Satish shitut


Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Democratic RULE

RULE of Democracy, a Democratic RULE
Finally, the battle for power in the elections is over, hopefully all the acrimonies shall be buried and post the results, we shall have a new dispensation which will try to win the war against poverty, towards development of the nation with full integrity and hope all the political parties shall bury their hatchets and usher in the RULE of democracy, i.e. Respect, Understand, Love & Evolve.

All parties must respect the mandate of the people, abide by constitutional ethos, believe in the institutions of the country, laid down parliamentary procedures, allegiance to their oath, nation, its security and their role of legislators to pass laws of the people, by the people and for the people towards real progress of the country and the countrymen (not only their men).

The parties need to understand that they are the means to end of the national interest, they chose to serve the nation, sought votes and got elected to serve the nation thus find sustainable and long term solutions to the plight and aspirations of the janata(common man), need of the country on economic security and global front, their role in passing the necessary legislations  and ensuring that we are nation on path of progress to become a developed nation over a period of time, where all are equal and united in spite of diversity in our languages, culture and religions. Need to rise above petty party politics. Understand, analyse and deliver should be the norm all the time.

During this election period, we saw so much of hate and hatred towards each other which is very dangerous and all parties must realize the value of Love, all of them fought tooth and nail to serve (not rule) the nation and its people, leave that behind, shake hands and come together to serve. Service brings in care, passion and give approach and not take attitude, as hallmark of true love is give. Spreading the message of love and practicing in real life brings people together. Thus rise above personal and party politics for the love of the great Indian nation and all voters in general.

It is the 72nd year of our democracy and this election in spite of its lows, shows signs of maturity, as the voters seem to have voted above caste factors, religious divides, against the dynastic politics, for the safety and progress of the nation, for the betterment of the last man in the line. It looks like beginning of developmental vote for progress thus high time for the politicians to evolve from rulers to servers, per se and usher true democracy in the country, of which we shall always be proud of.

Mr. Modi, hopefully after his meditation in Kedarnath has got rejuvenated and enlightened enough to change the current political culture in to an idealistic governance based on Respect, understanding, Love for the people, of the people and by the people, change the polity and its discourse and let the nation evolve to greater heights in becoming a great democratic republic of India, in true sense.
Politics is an art of making impossible- possible. Hope for the Best.
Yours truly satish shitut

Friday, 17 May 2019

2019, a political samudramanthan, " Twist in Destiny"

During the current elections 2019 for Loksabha, various political parties forged a united front (divided we stand together) only to fight Modi & BJP to usurp power in 2019 was a sort of political samudra manthan. In simple terms, they came together to make it a two way fight  and used all the tricks in their bags to derive amrut(nectar) by churning the ocean of milk(Janta) to seek votes and become  immortal(gain power).

Mr.Narendra Modi as his wont took the mantle on himself as one man army and two men front with Mr. Amit Shah took the opposition headlong and travelled the length and breadth of the country during a two month long battle, tirelessly with full commitment and zeal thus need to be admired for the same. There strategy to make this election as modicentric worked, the opposition fell in to the trap thus loosing an opportunity to give alternative narration and may pay heavy price for the same.
Modicentric election has had to work in favour of Modi because basically as a person he is a symbol of most virtues the Indians look forward to in a leader- self-made, selfless, spiritual, non-corrupt, non-attached, nationalist, fearless, well read, a good communicator and a tireless worker whose commitment to his party and the country cannot be questioned, facts do support above with his grown stature as a world leader, held by many in high esteem, globally.

Given the above stature and nature of the BJP’s face, all vitriolic thrown by the opposition at him, maligning him as communal, divisive, corrupt, arrogant , dictatorial, anti democratic &  anti institutional  were presumable self goals(they mirrored themselves), as the work of the Modi Govt. for last 5 years had reached the last man in the line in terms of cleanliness, transport, Bank accounts, direct benefits, electricity, Gas, Housing, Health Insurance and last but not the least initiation of reservations of jobs to ecomically backward section(foundation stone for future). All these benefits did not see caste and religion but let us accept truly were”sabka saath Sabka Vikas” initiatives (applauded by Muslims too)

Flogging the demon of demonetization  and GST by the opposition ,it looks was also a non-gainer as the majority voter per se was not hugely affected at all, of course the lolly pop of Nyay to unemployed and lower income group is a big ticket by them and some voters shall definitely get swayed by this apart from the freebies served by all of them and it works apart from consolidation of caste and Muslim votes to their advantage , the master strategists in Amit Shah and Mr.Modi countered that with nationalism , Terrorism and of course article 370  and the Ram mandir to a great extent(not to mention freebies ).

Everybody talks of low political discourse but fail to share that when an election becomes person (modi) centric, this had to happen, let us all accept that it is a battle of survival for all of them and spewing venom out is an outcome of the (election battle) political Samudramanthan to get the nectar (win), had the opposition not fallen in the trap and per sued their better narrative and an alternative agenda (sadly they had none), the discourse could have been better and outcome to their advantage.

Our Country as of now is on a good footing, on the right course, in spite of the situations which are endemic viz unemployment, industrial slowdown, agricultural imbalance and fiscal deficits. Regardless of who comes to power, has no magic wand to remedy them, tackling external threats while living up to the aspirations of diverse 130 Cr people is never ending and complex as well, thus instead of blaming dispensation we all must be a party to a concerted effort to be initiated and sustained by Govt. to tackle them towards a growth story with integrity, love, zeal, discipline and brotherhood.

Elections over, back to “business as usual”. As of now it looks advantage Modi. (TINA effect).

Jai hind
Yours truly Satish Shitut

Monday, 16 July 2018

MyGolfCommune: Misconstrued Opposition=stalled Parliament= Democr...

MyGolfCommune: Misconstrued Opposition=stalled Parliament= Democr...: In a parliamentary Democracy, various rival parties with their different idiologies, followers and their vision of the welfare of the sta...

Misconstrued Opposition=stalled Parliament= Democracy at peril @Need urgent action

In a parliamentary Democracy, various rival parties with their different idiologies, followers and their vision of the welfare of the state, vie with each other to seek victory in elections to become a majority party in the house, fundamentally to govern the country thus the victors (majority) assume the seat of power to govern the country while the losers (minority) sit in opposite benches.

The principal role of our  elected representatives is to represent our needs, make laws, participate in debates, scrutinize the Govt. actions and introduce reforms in tune with changing times  to overcome the challenges faced by the  state of the nation. Once in parliament what we see is opposite, members of majority party which forms the Govt. behave like LORDS and the RULERS while the members of minority, just because they have to sit in opposition benches, keep opposing anything and everything.

Days are wasted in confrontation over non-issues , parliament is not allowed to function  for  days and weeks(statistics for last 5 years are reflective and disgusting on this aspect) , laws are passed in a jiffy without debates and proper scrutiny as required while major bills and reforms are stalled for decades , for e.g. women’s reservation bill, the triple talak and halala bill, leave aside some economic reforms  which take years before being passed thus sometimes loose the relevance and timing for good results. 

The results of analysis done on the hours spent by members in both the houses are shocking, only 10% of productive hours are used. On an average only 11 to 30 productive minutes are spent per day while the scheduled working hours are 6 hours per day. It is a pathetic scene and needs to be addressed on priority basis by Modi Govt, recommend introduce a bill for the corrective measure as we have seen that for last 6 plus years, our parliament has become a butt of a joke, is non functional and a stage for one-upmanship. In a nutshell it is no more a sanctum sanctorum of the temple of democracy.

The political parties of course are rivals thus should oppose each other during the election but once through the ordeal , if they do not work as required(perform their roles) but just keep opposing everything or create hurdles and inflame the junta on sensitive issues to achieve  their dubious political objectives rather than the welfare of the nation, we should have a system in place to ensure that each parliamentarian is assessed on his/her performance and either rewarded /reformed or booted  duly.

The sad part is, our constitution does not define clearly the duties and responsibilities of a parliamentarian thus if the current Govt in power gets a bill passed clearly defining the same then an acceptable assessment card on the basis of the performance of the parliamentarian can be done and shared with the voters for their understanding to take an informed corrective/supportive action as applicable at the time of voting. To go a step further, top 33.33% -50% performers from either side can be retained and elections to be held only for the balance seats, where the performance was below par.

There must be a debate on the meritorious reward for good parliamentarians for their conduct and discharge of responsibilities thus a reservation for next term as mentioned above and those who only keep Opposing outside parliament, do not attend, stall the proceedings in the parliament,  do not debate/discuss issues in parliament can be shown the door. The primary job to ensure that the bills introduced, scrutinized well and passed after a useful debate in the interest of the constituency which they represent collectively should be the order of the day. Why not a Carrot & stick policy here, too.

We the citizens of India, respect our laws (if not start now) similarly the elected representatives must respect their primary role and duly discharge their responsibilities by enacting laws and reforms with proper scrutiny and clear understanding of the subject to assist Good governance of the country, which in effect will help our nation evolve from just a largest democracy in the world to a functional & vibrant democracy of the people, by the people and for the people.

Truly yours