Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Recovery-Key denominator in all success stories


Recovery-Key denominator in all success stories

The recent astounding victory of Phil Mickelson in a PGA Golf Tour major championship in South Carolina at the age of 50 is a testimony to his never say die approach, self-belief, determination, skills, passion and art to recover. Having remained in top 50 players in the world for 26 consecutive years till 2019, he had lost out in the race and was ranked 115 at the start of the championship on 21may 2021, with an odd of 1:2000 by the bookies, competed with most of the golfers half his age to win the 6th Major title of his career to create a PGA tour legacy.

His recovery shot on 5th hole in the final round where he holed from a sand bunker to make a birdie and increase the lead over the competitor must have not only boosted his own confidence but also demoralized to an extent Bruce Koepka – the title contender. Earlier in 2019, the legendary Tiger Woods, an all-time greatest player had also won his 15th major title after a long gap of 11 years at the age of 43 overcoming injuries and personal setbacks. In their decade long fierce rivalry, most of the time Tiger won because of his better recovery shot skills.

Quite often while playing golf you land up either in a hazard, water body, sand bunker, behind trees, difficult lies and or on the wrong end of the greens and those who win are the ones who recover from these spots better than others in the competition. In tournaments which are played over 4 days with a round of golf each day, any player is bound to go through phases of anxiety, emotional stress, crowd pressures, loss of focus due to periods of inactivity in between and either momentary or long lapses of concentration. Phil and Tiger had learnt the art of recovering from these bouts quite well apart from their hunger to remain in the hunt.

In short, they took the responsibility on themselves to keep their fitness levels up to recover from any given situation, assessed the options, had the belief in themselves and the skills which were developed over a period with hard work, continuous practice and determination to excel in their chosen field of passion viz golf, mastered it to the extent that any match situation might have been etched already in their minds and execute it to perfection in times of those recovery shots to remain in the fray and progress in pursuit of their dreams and successes.

Phil had to undergo personal trauma in 2009 due to the health of his wife Amy and even stayed away from the game and then returned to win, while Tiger is now a legendary folklore in Golf with his multiple injuries, personal setbacks, umpteen surgeries and comebacks to recover the lost grounds and be a winner. Similarly in life we all face setbacks and failures and only those guys who master the art of recovery do succeed and even go on to make history. Going further it also applies to health, wealth, business, nations and economies where failures and difficult times are deemed to occur and those who recover are the winners.

All of us are bound to face difficulties and or fail in our endeavors at some point or the other and the option is either to recover and grow or bog down and sulk. Accept and duly respect that setback/fall with grace, adjust to the new equation, focus on recovery plan with a proper understanding to execute the plan with acquired skills fearlessly, positively and with oneness to invoke the lady luck smile at you and extricate from the dire straits to evolve victorious.

Simply shift from why me? to I Can mode, make peace with emotions of anger, fear and frustration, trust your abilities, muster courage, deal with the situation understandingly, focus on the action wholly to recover and leave the rest to the divine willpower for a bounce back. Eternal principles of Respect, understand, love and evolve (RULE)are essential Sutras as well as the surefire mantra to keep our internal recovery mode always on and live life effectively.

Satish Shitut


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Sunday, 23 May 2021

#Disruption #A trending mindset #An endgame in the hands of few?


I first wrote with a chalk and progressed with pencil, ink pen, ball pen, typewriter, teletypes, computer keyboards then the writing pads, smart pens, the digital pens and if not yet done but shortly and surely via voice over with AI. I first listened to music, news and commentaries on radios with bulbs then tubes to LED to circuits to battery operated transistors, advanced with the digital radio, T.V., podcasts, you tubes, listening apps so on and so forth while future may be AI based alerts, translations and listening. Similarly in all walks of life our lifestyle has undergone a tremendous change towards progress.

I have always seen things evolving within and outside in the world, the matters and the species too keep evolving gradually and also as per the need of the hour. While evolution is constant and natural, there were also phases of revolutions where revolutionary changes took place to change the systems and/or way of living viz- the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, the Green revolution, the cultural revolution, automation, information technology revolution and many democratic revolutions around the world fundamentally to give more value to all concerned and advance at a better pace.

Currently it seems we are going through yet another phase of transformation which is sadly termed too disruption. We were used to inventions, advancements and innovations for betterment but now we have everything with disruptive adjectives whether it is digital, technology, innovation or transformation. I have yet to understand how anything which is disruptive can be constructive at the same time for all. The pace of evolution was known as Hindu rate of growth (slow but steady), the revolutionary phase as the western model of growth (fast paced) while this disruptive transformation sounds like a Giant-Killer.

The innovators in the earlier two phases were known as geniuses who shaped a better world while this crop of disruptive innovations is termed as ingenious, guess because of the cleverness with which they disrupt the status quo, create a desire for a complete changeover, generate a want and then convert it into a universal need. All other players are wiped out, the disruptive element rules the roost and monopolizes the world. Of course, this does give windfall to few but is a landfall to many and sadly the divide between haves and have nots keeps growing, very few control many more in the name of value.

Now I am a lost person in the milieu of these disruptions all around us. Is my money with the banks safe, is my data safe in my computers, if blockchain and cryptocurrencies and AI are projected as the future of the world, how can I cope with it and who shall control the new system, will the govts become subject to these monopolistic hegemonies and I become a guinea peg and or a sacrificial goat.

The doubts do rise in my mind not necessarily due to lack of my understanding and the fear for change which is a human failing but because of the disruptive mindset of these ingenious people and their hidden agendas. These game-changers ultimately seem to be more interested in weeding out the current players and dominate the space to rule the roost. Whether these so-called disruptive changes bring in positive and constructive values to mankind or only few is a billion-dollar question?

From what started as disruptive methods to gain market share, one-upmanship and lead in business now seems to have become a mindset. Disruptive politics, disruptive technology, disruptive digitization, disruptive viruses and the wars, disruptive narratives and disruptive ideas are resulting in disrupted economies, livelihoods, Janata and the world at large and benefits only to a handful privileged entities. Is this for the progress of mankind or is it a devolution of values. Are we now just stones in the game for thrones? Guess that is the “New Normal”- change or perish, be trendy or become obsolete, disrupt or get disrupted.

The problem is with mindset, as deep technology and scientific advances are as important as the spiritual thinking for the sustainable progress of mankind and sadly in the race of materialistic gains, we have lost the values of Respect, understanding and love for all in pursuit of selfish gains thus not evolving together for a better world. Need a spiritual mindset and not disruptive one to live in harmony with all and nature.


Satish Shitut

Author, "Effective R.U.L.E."

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Covid-19-21, WHO let the guards down(!)


Who is responsible for this pandemic, the resultant pandemonium and the loss of precious human lives? Of course, a tiny invisible virus who came out of either Wuhan wet market bat or a lab, found a friendly ally in an ignorant human body, started replicating and mutating itself with the help of human cells for its own survival while this human being who is a very social animal carried and transmitted it to others in this well-connected world, all over.

Initially WHO was blamed for the delay in alarming the world on the formation and the spread, who in turn blamed China for the same, who in turn blamed USA and the pharma companies as a man-made biological disaster. While the who did what blame game was on, the infected travelers were merrily traveling all over spreading the same, all the governments were caught off-guard and by that time it had already spread far and wide. The infrastructure was never sufficient to cater to the medical needs and as there was neither any data or medicine available to contain and cure thus lockdowns were imposed to buy time to improve combative health infrastructure, curative medicine and as a preventive measure the tried and tested method of social distancing and hygiene were propagated, by WHO.

The disciplined societies and their respective governments in the world took stringent, proactive and workable measures suggested by WHO and ensured containment while the who is who in the world(developed/developing, democratic and Industrialized nations) where, in the name of freedom individual rights are sacrosanct while duties are expendable, faltered in building consensus, decision-making, enforcement of do’s and don’ts, could not foresee the gravity thus failed to bolster the infrastructure and the system to cope with the unfolding of the waves and ensuing loss to the economies as well as the humanity.

The virus, in the meantime is thriving and fighting the odds, after all like many others it also has come into this world to exist and having found a friendly partner in the human body is even mutating variants. Individuals who are affected are also fighting for survival, the stressed-out medical fraternity has done it’s best to build medicinal protocol for cure with trial and error, treat the patients and have even invented vaccines to save lives and contain the spread. The battle is on, who will win over the other? No one but the vaccine should surely nullify and or contain the destructive cells of the virus, over a period of time-WHO knows.

Earlier it used to take a decade to come out with vaccines but thanks to the technological advancements, the scientific research, data analysis and the hard work of the community, the same has been made ready within a year, though due to the imbalance between production and he size of the population it could be the end of year 2022 when the majority population could be immunized, so till then who is to take care and behave response-ably , it is the missing I in it, the I who is arrogant, callous, disrespectful, selfish, and exists all over in many govts, institutions, politics, media, executive, judiciary and the public and these are the people who believe in I-Me-Myself  who are responsible for the current mess and will continue to do so.

The societies which were able to save lives, contain the spread and continue to take care of the people are the ones with the attitude of I-We-Us and oneness. Thus, the character building of the societies of developed/developing nations need to change and must inculcate the thinking of “I am part of a whole and not a whole in itself”, instead of I as a part of a problem I need to become a part of a solution (dutifully right) as we all seek to survive, coexist and look beyond to live in harmony with humanity and the nature. Who will bell the cat(!) only I- We-Us attitude towards oneness, the ultimate truth can do and not I-Me-Myself towards self-destruction?

Satish Shitut

Author, Effective R.U.L.E

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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Broad-Chest v/s Narrow mind, Courage v/s Cowardice


A case of chappan inchi seena v/s dimagiya khokhlapan 

The current use of words and oratory in parliament and outside by the opposition members speaks more of their immaturity, lack of sensitivity and respect to the chair and thoroughly exposes their negative mindset bereft of any factual data and genuine concern but stinks of a personal attack on the current Prime-minister using his own phrase of having a chappan inchi-seena to ridicule him of pettiness, arrogance, cowardice and bigotry, reflecting sadly more on their own mindlessness.

If I am not wrong Mr. Narendra Modi had used the 56-inch chest comment at a 2014 election rally in Uttar Pradesh elections where he dared the then chief of the ruling Samajwadi party Mr. Mulayam Singh, a wrestler as this term is used more within the wrestling community in jest that you need a 56-inch chest to convert a hugely populous state like U.P. into a developed state like Gujarat. In reality except Arnold Schwarzenegger no other politician has a 56 inches chest though most have that waistline due to their appetite for corruption and power by hook or by crook and stomach it, too.

In true sense, a broad chest means that you need a bigger vision/guts and heart to do great things and not chest thumping or bravado bordering on foolhardiness, as depicted by the opposition. Given the chronological events, election wins, progress made by Uttar Preash and India domestically as well as internationally on various fronts, their continuous dare to him on courage and cowardice is nothing but a reflection on their own follies and bankruptcy of ideas and alternatives.

Metaphorically, such a big chest can be only attributed to Lord Hanuman, the Sevak of Lord Ram who was so devoted to him that he bared it open to show that the divine king resides within his heart and soul and not in the most precious necklace which Sita gave it to him as a token of appreciation for his loyalty and services towards the master for his sharpness, firmness, dexterity, competence, modesty, prudence, virility, prowess and ever-present intelligence.

The current P.M. had declared himself as Pradhan Sevak of 130 crore people of India on the day he took the oath of the prime minister ship thus if a parallel is drawn with above metaphor, the opposition is targeting wrongly the person rather than the mistakes and follies in policies or the lack of pace and developments, if any and could be many. As he said himself content and intent need to be probed and the opposition is just failing on that front.

He is wisely investing the available resources for the upliftment of poor, skill development of youth, reforms for ease in doing business, progress of the nation, defending the borders, elimination of the terrorists and the anti-national elements thus leaving very little scope and ground for the opposition to counter him unless they get a mindful person at the helm of their affairs  who is truthful, honest, and selflessly devoted to the cause of the nation and have the courage to build a positive narration and an alternative vision.

Playing with words, promoting false narratives, creating divisions in the society, opposing even good reforms which are introduced in the interest of the people and targeting the person with lies and false propaganda will never work as the man concerned is courageous and relentless enough to have embarked on his mission to serve his country and the countrymen to the best of his abilities with good intention and a team of do-gooders.

We need more metaphorical 56-inch Chester’s and not mindless court jesters.


Satish Shitut

Jai Bharat

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Farmers protest - A regressive step to thwart reforms.


Middle-man syndrome, political conundrum and a Dilemma for the Govt.

The current impasse on the farmers protests due to an obdurate stand of the protesters, opportunistic jump of opposition in the burning fire and the Government’s willingness only to defer the implementation of the three new laws with valid amendments, if any but not repeal as demanded and sheer inability or willingness to remove the protestors from the sites due to political constraints and fear of a backlash is a clear democratic infringement by all.

A situation like this is always a readymade breeding ground for separatists, anarchists and vested interests who do not want a progressive and developed India, thus have jumped the bandwagon but the most worrying part is the joining hands of the middlemen of our society who feel threatened and are very much keen to maintain status quo in their self-interest at the cost of reforms and progress.

India has long suffered due to these middlemen over centuries due to the invaders and the foreign rule, we are continued to be ruled and exploited by them even after independence in some form or the other at the cost of common man and national growth. Whether the satraps of Mughal era or the zamindars and courtiers of British raj or the politicians, their cronies, crony capitalists, Lutyens or the vote bank consolidators of the post-independence era, the ecosystem was designed and used only to suit their objectives and hidden agendas.

Since 2014 and the arrival of Modi, this evil construct of the middlemen has been severely dented and is being dismantled gradually with various reforms to get the rule of law in the country to benefit common man to the last mile, thus this middleman community is threatened of their livelihood (mostly ill-gotten) and are at the core of this movement with the name of the poor kissan (blackmail) in the forefront to ensure a status quo of their own wellbeing.

It all started from day one of Modi taking over the charge in south block of New-Delhi where all the middlemen, wheelers dealers and powerbrokers were barred from entering the corridors of power and rendered jobless, followed by curtailing the junkets, favors and so-called influence of the Lutyens and the press in general and both these powerful middlemen (mostly corrupt) are up in arms against the current dispensation thus the antagonism and hatred.

Further the direct benefit schemes ensured 100% reach to the direct beneficiary rather than 15% only, digitalization, service charters, direct access to the govt hurt the middlemen who were making money as intermediaries at the cost of the end beneficiary and good governance. Election bonds hit the political parties hard while demonetization was the biggest blow to these middlemen as the shell companies and the black money got exposed and now on the wane though not completely eliminated.

Having got hurt badly and now on the backfoot, abolition of article 370 and 35a was a death nail on corrupt practices while the CAA and NRC was an extreme blow to their survival thus the severe protests based on presumptuous hardships. The current three farm laws are reforms meant to improve the ecosystem in the farmers interests but here again mostly the middlemen are going to lose (hold and black money) as they are the loan sharks, mandi managers, contract farmers, distillers, procurers, in literal sense traders and not farmers but earn tax free income(agriculturist).

We all need to have proper perspective and better understanding of the situation, need of the hour, hidden agendas, clear motives of govt, the interest of the common man, the nation at the heart and evolve a rational approach to thwart anarchists and help usher rule of law.

Satish Shitut

Jai Bharat

Saturday, 12 December 2020

Monarchy to Anarchy- Via democracy


Once upon a time there was a benevolent king who always had the state welfare in his mind and deeds, he firmly believed in wellbeing of all stakeholders in his kingdom and earnestly strived to fulfil the same thus was liked by majority, people were happy, and kingdom prospered.

Suddenly, one fine morning a tribal chieftain rebelled with his followers, stormed into the Kings palace with arms and ammunition to seek freedom from the King but was overpowered by the men of the King and brought in front of him for punishment. Being a conscious and a principled man, the King heard the grievances of the chieftain, realized that the region of these tribes was truly deprived of the progress due to administrative failure thus pardoned them all and took the chieftain on board for progress.

Thanks to the visionary King, the kingdom was prospering and the life of the people peaceful and enjoyable, four decades down the above incidence yet again a similar rebellion took place from the same region, the rebels captured, this time the King punished them all with a life imprisonment. The ombudsman in the kingdom was astonished and asked the King as to why he punished this chieftain while forty years back he had not only pardoned his father but even made him a regional satrap.

The King replied that forty years back the rebellion then was genuine, he could see the deprivation and hunger in  the rebels eyes thus it was he who had to make amends, take them into confidence, alleviate their problems to be inclusive thus he made amends to ensure the prosperity in that region but this time he could sense from the body language of the chieftain’s son greed for power and  filthy prosperity  for selfish gains and not the wellbeing of the people  thus had to be taught a lesson and punished.

Three decades back Mr. Mahendra singh Tikait had led a farmer’s agitation and succeeded in evolving a dialogue-based settlement to become a Mahatma for Kissans of India. History is now repeated with his son Rajesh Tikait trying to become one but the intent now it seems not a satyagraha (fight for truth) but svagraha (Selfish interests) deserving punishment. Of course, in democracy, he has right to protest but should not be at the cost of inconvenience, loss to property, wealth, lives and progress. The democratic king is helpless thus time for silent majority to stand up and teach them a lesson in their own dose.

The world moved from monarchy to democracy objectively to make the society participative and inclusive to give equal opportunities for all with constitutional guarantees in form of rights and their duties as principled guidelines. Sadly, the duties are forgotten, principles are hanging in the air, right has become might, democracy has become mobocracy, nepotism has replaced despotism, rich richer, poor poorer, north south divide wider, western materialism overpowers eastern values while disrespect, hate, violence, corruption has turned people against people.

The current deplorable political situation in USA, U.K., France and India all democratic societies can easily be attributed to vote-Bank politics over a period of time which has demeaned the voter’s intellect and exploited the gullible Janata. It is high time that the responsible citizenry which has remained silent majority to the ever-deteriorating situation rises to the occasion and raise the voices in a democratic fashion to bring all culprits to books and save ourselves from anarchy.

Initiate a dialogue to evolve a consensus towards developing a vote-bank free society which respects the law, their own as well as rights of other citizens along with full understanding of their own duties, value of their vote with an effective “Just “system to ensure fair play, equal opportunities and freedom to thrive and prosper.

Satish Shitut

Jai Bharat